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Kink presents Hogtied 5

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Release date: May 19, 2014

Featuring: Katie Summers, Claire Adams, Cameron Dee, Cherie DeVille

Inescapable Bondage & Brutal Orgasms!

Cameron Dee, Claire Adams
Welcome hot blonde babe Cameron Dee. Eager to please, we start off with tying this bitch into a nice tight chest harness. Bringing her down to her knees, she is made to impress by showing us how far down those luscious lips wrap around a dripping wet rubber dick as the drool runs down her chest. That's just for starters because although this cunt isn't built for pain and is more of a pleasure model, Claire has other ideas…

Cherie Deville, Claire Adams
Blonde All-American beauty Cherie Deville starts in a standing spread with her arms harshly bound in reverse prayer. She desperately tries to please, enduring a hard pussy flogging. Claire tightens the neck rope pulling her neck into an intense angle. A vibrator is held in front of her cunt so if she wants to get off, she is going to have to strangle herself. It's amazing what a desperate slut will do…

Katie Summers, Claire Adams
Katie Summers delivers a smoking hot no holds barred scene. We want to see just how many orgasms this bitch can have. She has to beg to cum and if she is not convincing enough in her performance, she does not get off. Greedy. Slutty. Dirty. Katie is all of these things for your pleasure.

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