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Full Movie: Kendall Penny

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Kendall Penny

Are you hungry for a girl with Southern charm and huge sex appeal? Then, look no farther than the sizzling brand new trans girl on the block, Kendall Penny. She gets off on making men submit to her femininity. Do have what it takes to please her? Her gorgeous girl cock is swelling and poking out the side of her teal panties. If you are a good boy, she might reward your quivering man hole with a nice poke. She slips out of her wedge heels so you can worship her Goddess feet. Do want a taste? Or better yet, why doesn't she just sit on your face so you can lick her ass and cock at the same time. You please your Queen so much that she shoots a huge load of sticky white cum all over her beautiful breasts and stomach. Yummy!

Released:Aug 10, 2018
Director:Sammy Mancini
Length:29 min

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