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Full Movie: Tori Mayes 6

Tori Mayes 6

Red hot Tori Mayes is back, and she's better than ever! The two of you were just on a blind first date, but when things starting heating up, she wasn't sure how you would feel about her being a special kind of girl. To be honest, at first you were nervous to try something new, but now your curiosity has gotten the best of you, and you are ready to take the plunge! Tori asks you to cum sit closer, so that you can see what's poking out of her sheer, blue panties. You crawl toward her as she beings stroking her lovely lady stick with soft, manicured hands. "Do you think you can handle a girl with all that?" she asks playfully, gesturing to her erect and glistening cock. You're at a loss for words when she adds, "You know, the longer you play with it, the harder it's gonna get." And that's just what she expects you to do. But if you get to see hers, she wants to see yours too. So, you whip out your dick and start jerking with her. The sight of you getting off to her naked body really turns Tori on, and her swollen head starts leaking precum. "Do you want to taste it?" she asks. Compliant, you stick out your tongue so she can rub her drippy tip all over it. You take her stiff rod inch by inch into your mouth, until you can feel her hitting the back of your windpipe. "I told you I take what I want, and I'll fuck that throat if I need to," she sweetly, but sternly, tells you. But you have some needs too, so you flip her on her stomach eat her trans girl pussy. Breathing deeply and bracing herself on the couch, she begs you to spread her cheeks wide and taste her yummy ass. Enough of these games, both of you are ready to cum. So with a red jeweled butt plug stretching her tight hole, she lies spread eagle and squeezes out a sticky mess.

Released:Dec 30, 2016
Director:Sammy Mancini
Length:23 min

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