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Sexy TS CEO Tori Mayes is hiring for a personal assistant position. But there are "special" requirements for this job. Not only does the applicant need a nice dick, he must be willing to suck her big tranny cock first thing in the morning and then again right before she leaves and be willing to bang her tranny ass before lunch. Do you have what it takes? She whips out her she-stick so she can test your dick sucking skills. You must have the right stuff 'cause her cock is getting rock hard. Then she bends over so she can see how good of a butt-licker you are. She strokes her hard cock while you taste her yummy t-girl pussy. She must really like your skills so far because she continues the interview by stripping down for you and letting you ram her tranny rear. She knows you'll be a valuable employee when you make her cum a gooey sticky mess. Congratulations, you're hired!!

Released:Aug 08, 2014
Director:Sammy Mancini
Length:23 min

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