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Anal Playtime

Ravyn Alexa and Charlotte Sartres first time playing together resulted in a very hot anal adventure featuring fisting, slinks and ovipositors! The two, both sporting shiny latex outfits, start by kissing and caressing each other, admiring each others perfect asses. Then Ravyn removes Charlottes latex panties and lubes up her asshole, getting it ready for what's to come. She stretches Charlottes ass out with her fingers before using a fantasy dildo to really open her up. Using bigger and bigger toys, Ravyn stretches Charlottes ass until it's ready to take her fist. Charlottes magical asshole opens up and takes Ravyns entire hand up to the wrist. She grinds on Ravyns fist to a very intense orgasm. Then its Ravyns turn to offer her ass up for exploration. This time by a mint green slink- a first for Ravyn. Charlotte slowly inserts the long toy into Ravyns ass, letting her get used to the invasive feeling. Ravyn giggles and moans and is clearly enjoying it. But she needs more- she needs Charlotte to impregnate her asshole! Charlotte gets her ovipositor ready and inserts it into Ravyns tight asshole. She fucks her ass with the alien cock while Ravyn presses a vibrator into her clit. Charlotte deposits her egg into Ravyns ass before fingering her ass to an incredible orgasm. Ravyn decides to take the egg in her ass home as a souvenier of her first time with Charlotte.

Released:Nov 28, 2023
Director:Ravyn Alexa
Length:29 min

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